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Delay only SPECIFIC JS files#108



Currently when enabling the Delay JS option it causes many many problems and errors. In some cases sites dont load properly, menus stop working, even scripts get broken. In some way, it acts like the Cloudflare Rocket option : It causes problems.

On the other hand, having an option to manually declare which scripts should ONLY be delayed, would make it easier to manipulate this otherwise fantastic option. It would be like having the plugin flying scripts within WP Rocket.

I believe WP Rocket can implement such an option and give more power to the user. It will make sure that the page speed is as optimized as possible.

2 months ago

As we explained a couple of times, we won’t change the way how the current Delay JS is working.

We plan to implement a new UI to make it easer to maintain the exclusion, and improve our script to be more compatible.

20 days ago
Changed the status to
20 days ago