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Complet website check before install#114

Encountering problems during activation is a real weakness of WPRocket. Even if a third party plugin is used to reconfigure one or more WP files as originally, this is not the best solution.
The “best practice” would be to test the entire website on which WP Rocket is to be installed in order to identify the conflicts. Maybe by creating an admin user, a sandbox area or a pre-configuration plugin.

a month ago

Hi @Hugodigital98

Why don’t you try WP Rocket on your on staging website? Creating a sandbox is totally out of the scope of WP Rocket.

20 days ago

Hi, Maybe you could warn in big, bold and tall that WP Rocket may be a problem and that it is necessary to create a copy first. This happened on my site, at the moment this is still not resolved and even after a complete removal of WP Rocket and after a cleanup and reorganization of the database, I have a bug that persists.

15 days ago