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Guest Mode for wp rocket#117

LItespeed has this option to boost pagespeed score on insight, gtmetrix etc.
Would love to see this in wp rocket.

a month ago

Hi @Tobias

May I have more details about that.

Currently, it just seem to be an ugly way to fake performance scores…

20 days ago

Hey Jonathan, to be honest I see it the way you see it. Its fake. However it works.

20 days ago

Sorry, but we aren’t here to fake scores. Our role is to find new features and enhancements to really improvements the scores, not to fake them.

If you are looking for a plugin to help you to fake PSI score, WP Rocket won’t be the right tool for you.

19 days ago

Hi Jonathan

I was just looking into this myself and happened to come across this thred.

I agree with Tobias that this would be a great feature. I do not see this as faking scores. Even with pre-load activated, from what I can tell a score on Insight (for example) may temporarily be based on an uncached page (unless I am mistaken). I’m not sure if ensuring a cached version is served would be considered “faking”.


13 days ago