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Redis Object Cache#22

We need WP Rocket to support this so we - without installing different plugins - can speed up the backends and checkouts that Redis is known to do :-)

Any plans for this support?

9 months ago
Changed the title from "Support for Redis Object Cache" to "Redis Object Cache"
9 months ago
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New Idea
9 months ago

Hi @Jens Kirk 🤚

Thanks for your contribution and your suggestion about Redis Object Cache.

I can’t provide you any ETA as this feature request is just opened.

There is a plugin which handle Redis Object Cache in a very advanced way:

I will recommend you to give it a try.

It’s a plugin specialized on Redis Object Cache and I’m sure the plugin is working well.

9 months ago

Thank you :-)

We are already using this plugin but our clients are asking for centralized cache administation :-)

9 months ago

The ability for WP Rocket to clear Redis Object Cache would save me some grief. My current workflow is that whenever I make changes on my highly cached site, I need to, in the right order, clear Redis Object Cache, Redis Page Cache (I disabled WP Rocket page cache), & finally WP Rocket Cache (which clears Cloudflare cache & maybe some other stuff).

3 months ago