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Deactivate plugins per page - Plugins Manager#27

To disable plugins on a per post/page basis or across your entire site with a simple click.

9 months ago
Changed the status to
New Idea
9 months ago

Would be cool. Currently I am using Perfmatters for that kind of option. Perhaps you could reach out to Brain Jackons ( and collaborate on this.

9 months ago

We are using Perfmatters and the plugin ‘Plugin Organizer’ (which handles switching plugins on and off per page, global, standard or mobile).

It would be more helpful to have a ‘only load used javascript’ (like the awesome new ‘only load used css’ WP Rocket feature - really great!).

The combination of only load uses js and css would do the job of Perfmatters and Plugin Organizer in one automatically per page instead of having great admin efforts.

It’s very complex to handle 10-20 plugins on a site with hundreds of pages and posts. Automation is key.

Best … Horst

6 months ago

If WP Rocket adds this feature it would be a game changer and it will truly become THE best all-in-one performance plugins for WP

5 months ago

@Horst.veitl ‘s idea of “only load used js” would be amazing. Otherwise, yes, something similar to Perfmatters would be awesome as I am currently considering adding that to my stack.

3 months ago

This wouldn´t be an issue at all if WP Rocket will only load the required resources a page needs to properly render its content and just defer or “lazy load” (as FlyingPress does) the rest.

2 months ago