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Option/toggle to make Delay JavaScript Execution. include only#82


So for the new version 3.9 it now exclude only. On some sites it works like a charm there is no problem. but on other sites with tons of plugins I’m wasting too much time debugging and testing which js to exclude for the site to work properly.

Currently working on a client site with too much plugins. I can use the default exclusions but using specific exclusions is better since it can give me more performance the problem there is too much plugins and using specific exclusions takes more time and testing so the site won’t break while getting the best performance. So asking for an option to toggle back the delay javascript execution feature to be like “include only” 3.7 or 3.8

a month ago

Yes, totally agree. After working on a lot of sites I have started disabling delay JS in WP Rocket entirely and instead opted for the Flying Scripts plugin. In practice there is just too much that goes wrong with delaying all JS by default. Complex sites require a lot of troubleshooting and then even once all issues are resolved new issues keep cropping up as clients or other team members update the theme, install new plugins or update existing plugins. JS file or path names change, new JS is added or scripts are modified by authors and while they may have originally played well with delay JS they now no longer do. The reality is that unless the client or team has someone to fastidiously run thorough checks after any event that could potentially lead to delay JS complictions, having the option on is just a bad idea for any commercial site. A slow site will always be better than a broken one. I work at agency level and can’t keep up with the amount of issues this has created, so I too vote for an option where I can delay only selected JS scripts the way it used to be.

9 days ago