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Cache preload for loggedin users#93

Currently we use a command based script to preload all caches, including the common loggedin cache (normal and mobile). Maybe it would be a nice feature to include this in core?

2 months ago

Hi @Stephan Langenegger ,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Can you please explain me how we could preload the cache for logged in users? We need to simulate a visit by being logged in, and don’t think this is something we can do safely and without security problem ;)

a month ago

Yeah, I think its only possible with solutions that lead to security problems, because we have to login in with real login data (an user that has no permissions to do anything) via CURL before we visit the pages also via CURL. Maybe it is possible to fake a loggedin state with a fake cookie or something? I don’t know the core code for this good enough, maybe you guys have an idea how a common user that does not exists can be simulated?

a month ago

Btw: This feature would be mostly obsolete if we just had a common cache for loggedin and not loggedin users. One cache for all users. One file per page.

a month ago